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A Pleasure

We are experiencing a wonderfully prolonged period of very summery weather at the moment in Ireland. Praise the Lord! I spend many afternoons sitting and walking in the shade listening to classical music in what we call the Paupers' Graveyard. In it are buried many of those who died penniless in the nearby Workhouse during and after the Great Famine of the 1840s. There are no headstones but the graveyard itself is beautifully kept with many lovely trees, seating, flowers and greenery. Congratulations to all those volunteers who maintain it so well.


wonderful that you are getting good weather- Enjoy1

how very thoughtful of people to care for the memory of the poor people who would seem to be forgoten
their suffering and sacrifice was not in vain as long as the memory of them lives
the great hunger nourished the Irish hunger to be free for their own land!
we remember here - those who left and came here built our nation