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TIME 'Person of the Year' the year I was born

1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lived: 1882–1945

Roosevelt became the Person of the Year for the first time in 1932—he would go on to win it twice more, in 1934 and 1941. In 1932, he was elected president for the first time after a successful run as the governor of New York.


just a few words about the Roosevelts

they are a Dutch origin family who same to the New Amsterdam colony in the 17th century

by FDR's time the family was split into two branches
One in upstate New York - one on Long Island New York
Theodore Roosevelt the 26 president was a republican and of the Long Island branch

FDR was the 32nd President a democrat of the upstate branch
His wife Eleanore was of the Long Island branch
her father was Theodore's brother
Franklin was her fifth cousin
the Long Island branch was offended at her becoming a Democrat

Theodore's daughter Alice was Eleanore's cousin and they had grown up together
Alice was very political and had a sharp tongue
she used it against Franklin and Eleanore

The family was both close and divided
it was large and had close relstionships
but they pronounced their common name differently

The Long Island branch used the long oo sound - Rusevelt
the upstate branch used the o sound Rosevelt
Interesting. Thanks.
FDR was a truly authentic good person. But he was not without his moments of shame. Since he had done so much good for the average person, one doesn't like to think about his more questionable decisions.
FDR was a very adroit politician
that requires a pragmatic outlook