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Italians are by far the biggest foreign community in Ireland. A boom of Irish-Italian chippers happened in the 1950s. Almost all the Irish chipper families come from Casalattico, a small village in Frosinone, southeast of Rome.

The village is home to an annual summer Irish Festival (14th August) celebrating the local families that moved to Ireland. It's a festival of music, customs and gastronomy and Guinness that attracts crowds of people from all over the province and region. It is a highly sought-after summer event because you can attend shows in the different parts of the village and taste delicious ‘unusual’ dishes.

A social club, Club Italiano, was set up in Dublin in 1970. A friend of mine was recently invited to a birthday party there which consisted of Irish-Italians. The music was all in the Irish tradition and even the base of the birthday cake was a 'bodhran' (small Irish drum played with the hand)!


sounds like fun

in the part of New Jersey I lived in Italian was our native cuisine
what food is at the festival?
Food from both countries. Bacon and cabbage, etc!
that doesn't sound very Italian lol
figs and prosciutto which we had tonight
i don't suppose you have calamari in Ireland
but if we have it here you could have it there

where we are in Maryland i miss the vast variety of Italian food we had in New Jersey