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"Do not work for food that perishes…” John 6: 24

Reflecting on today's Gospel Reading in Church. . . .

When we ask people to donate food for the poor we usually ask them to give non-perishable food. This usually means cans, tins of beans, luncheon meat, and things like that! But all tins of food today have a sell-by date, even tho’ most of them have preservatives in them! Some researchers, I understand, say that it’s these same preservatives in our food-chain that can trigger off things like cancer in humans!

In the Gospel this morning we are warned not to cling to “food that perishes"! A sobering thought!
Everything we now own, will be  gone: our computer, rugs, house, mobile phone, elegant clothes, latest model car! All gone, passed on, out of fashion, worn out! All our material possessions, gone! perishable!

Is there then, anything imperishable in my life?


All people desire to leave a lasting mark. But what endures? Money does not.
Even buildings do not, nor books. After a certain time, longer or shorter,
all these things disappear. The only thing that lasts for ever is the human
soul, the human person created by God for eternity.

The fruit that endures is therefore all that we have sown in human souls:
love, knowledge, (faith), a gesture capable of touching hearts, words that open the
soul to joy in the Lord. So let us go and pray to the Lord to help us bear
fruit that endures. Only in this way will the earth be changed from a valley
of tears to a garden of God.

From one of Pope Benedict's first homilies, not sure which occasion.

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"All people desire to leave a lasting mark". But do they?

"The only thing that lasts for ever is the human
soul, the human person created by God for eternity". This I can go with.

But we are told the God's love for us does not depend on
our 'good works.'
Insofar as our good works express the orientation of our hearts, perhaps much depends on them.
one of my "jobs" when i was active in a parish was to check the sell by dates on donated food
in those days the dates were in code
so i would spend a whole say calling manufacturers to find out what the codes meant

we live on in the memories we leave behind - the good we do - even if that good is small and perishable
for its brief shining hour it existed because of someone's action or thought
without that it would never have come into being
But why bother doing good 'for a brief shining hour'? Why not just look after myself and to hell with the rest of you? If life itself is short and perishable, enjoy it while you can! Many do.

Edited at 2018-08-06 08:44 (UTC)
and there is the mystery of humans
some "Do" others "Don't"
some (like me) don't believe in souls
but we try to lead a "good" life

there is the real mystery in our existence
the one philosophers and theologians have tried to understand
the mystery of "evil"

but just simple folk do "good"
because that is what seems "right"
or they don't

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