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I've been listening to Bishop Robert Barron talking about Jordan Peterson. The two are very interesting people to listen to. They talk about the play between order and chaos as exemplified in the Dao symbol - the yin and yang of intertwining fish.

Being is what one experiences as a conscious creature - it is not objective reality. In every environment one is involved in, there are things one understands and things one doesn't understand. And that remains true whatever the environment we find ourselves in.
The dots in the symbol remind us that chaos can turn to order, and vice versa, at any moment. So the ideal place to be is on the line between the two.  Consciousness exists as a balancing act between the two. Order is the area in our lives we can control. It is given to us by the society in which we live. Chaos, on the other hand, is the area in our lives which stands for the unknown, the unexplored.

Too much order leads to a sort of breakdown of the psyche and of the society where everything is rigid. Too much disorder, too much chaos, also leads to a breakdown of the psyche, and leads to a sort of depression.

Barron uses the example of the 'hero' cult we are all familiar with from our comic book days. The 'hero' leaves, or is forced out of, the realm of domesticity (order) into the realm of disorder or chaos. If he is brave enough to accept this challenge he will achieve something of enormous value to take back to the area of his domestic space.

Barron suggests that we do not despise order nor be afraid of the unknown - we must be spiritually honest with ourselves however. We must get our own house in order and then we'll have a much clearer vision to see and understand the rest of the world.


thank you
Tao is one of the things i have been studying - going back to periodically
it can be a source of calm when things get very "chaotic"
Interesting, and wise up to a point. Thank you.