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Have you ever used a 'Worry Monk' or 'worry stone'? I haven't, but I am told that it's very good for relaxation or meditation. From my young days in religious life I have practised meditation but have never made a great fist of it! The simple action of moving one's thumb back and forth across this little statue, they say, can reduce stress. We begin to see the part of us that is much more than our desires and fears, longings and wishes. We see we are much more than our personality. We begin to judge ourselves and others less and eventually not at all.

Yesterday my young grand-niece from Australia gave me a 'Worry Monk' as a token. It is a very small smooth icon of a monk that can be held in the fingers and rubbed. By handling it gently, I'm told, that that simple action can reduce anxiety or worry. The use of the word 'monk' is probably intended to associate it with the acts of meditation associated with monks, but small smooth stones have been used for hundred if not thousands of years with the same intent..

Maybe I should take up this 'Worry Monk' thing.


As i read your post i happen to have within reach a small porcelen "Chinese god of happiness," a Russian stone carving of a Siberian tribesman (who, apart from his canine companion looks like a monk), and a small smooth. As i gently stroked each one for only a few minutes i began to feel the relaxation. Of course, the ultimate purpose of meditation is the possibility of contact with a "Higher Power," but the relaxation (and accompanying "fog of forgetting") was so quick that i feel this might be a good accessory to meditation and contemplation. Thanks for the suggestion.
That's nice.
over the years i have held many things to focus my attention
(it's so easy to drift off into what to make for dinner lol)

right now i have a string of beads made by an artist friend
she calls them her haiku beads
seven on one string - five on another
held together by a large blue bead
the beads are all large and of different shapes and colors

i treasure them because they were made for me
in colors i love
by a person whose talent i greatly admire

i also have a smooth glass ball that i still use some times

"worry beads" are very popular in the middle east
it is the custom to finger them
I'm not sure to what effect