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I was walking recently in a small village called Enniskerry in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains near Dublin. The village, with its mansion, woods, waterfall and formal gardens, formed part of the estate of the Powerscourt family. What a beautiful place it is! Well, it once was! Unfortunately, like many towns and villages in Ireland in this throwaway culture, I was surprised to see it has now become littered and polluted.

Different forms of pullution are now part of people's daily experience, producing a broad spectrum of health hazards and the spoliation of the environment by transport, industry, fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Every year, hundreds of millions of tons of waste are generated throughout the world. The earth is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth and the depletion of our natural resources, like water, has become very, very serious. We are being inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived more and more of physical contact with nature.

Will anything, or can anything, be done about it all at this stage?


One thing I hear constantly from visitors to our area is "how clean" everything looks. To my eyes, there is still plenty of room for improvement. But I do admit that when I compare our area to others I've traveled through, we keep things pretty picked up, we recycle, we collect trash regularly, and we generally care about the environment. Yeah, us, here in the Frozen Northlands.

- Erulisse (one L)
Well done!
we are working on it

i'm impressed that we have regular clean up crews picking up our roadsides
if it looks clean people are less inclined to litter
trash attracts trash

our recycle area is where you can not only put your trash and cans bottles newspapers etc in proper dumpsters
but also has an are where you can leave things you want to get rid of - all kinds of things - if someone else wants it they can take it
the county they disposes of what is left

this sort of thing used to be dumped on back roads
that no longer happens
we look much cleaner

on a broader level we need to find a replacement for plastic
much of it doesn't degrade
not everything needs to be made from it

our fast food places are making efforts to remove styrofoam and plastic from their supplies
It is a long haul, I'm afraid.