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Christmas Cards

Do you still send Christmas cards, or are we all gone digital? I'm a bit of a sentimentalist myself.

The custom of sending Christmas Cards has been with us since 1843. The new 'penny post' of the time made the process easy and affordable.

Robins on Christmas cards became popular because Victorian postmen were nicknamed 'robins' because of their red uniforms.

Dickens and Christmas cards are credited with popularising the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’, a greeting which, prior to the 1840s, was not widely used.

Sadly it's becoming more and more difficult  to find cards with suitable Christian themes on them nowadays.


yes i send real christmas cards!
i make each one by hand
i used to make 100 or more
i haven't made this year's list yet
I *love* Christmas cards, but never find the time to do them, because I don't like to send them without a letter in them. It takes a lot of time to catch up on a few years! lol. We actually have very few people we do actual mail with- it's all email these days.
I found a beautiful Adoration of the Magi by Edward Burne-Jones, with the message "Joyous Christmas."

I hand make my cards every year and send up to 50 out to friends and relatives. Since I'm Pagan, I don't look for Christian symbology, but I do try to keep things seasonal since they are sent to a wide variety of people throughout the world, some of whom are Christian, many of whom are not.

- Erulisse (one L)