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Christians celebrate 'Guadete Sunday' in a few days time. Why should we rejoice? What is joy anyway?

There is much confusion in modern times about ‘joy’. ‘Joy’ is mixed up with the notion of ‘satisfaction’ which, in turn, is mixed up with the fulfilment of ‘wants’ and the latter is conflated with ‘needs’. We don’t know what we need as much as what we want. The commercial ding-dong and mid-Winter pagan rituals have competed with the Christian appropriation of mid-winter solstice rites.

Have I ever experienced real joy?


interesting that you bring this up

joy was the word i used to use a lot - particularly on the Christmas cards i made
this season i have been feeling that some how the joy was missing
but what was joy?
the dictionary is no help - it says "a feeling of great pleasure and happiness"

when i first typed that instead of "great" i typed deep
i think that is a clue
joy is a depth of feeling
it's not a bubbly surface - although that is how it is often pictured
it has very bouncy letters - which is one reason i liked to use it - lots of curves in the capitals - and y can have a curling tail

but maybe joy needs stillness and silence to make its presence felt
to recognize what makes us happy?
Whichever meaning you care to give it yourself - I hope you have plenty of it during Christmas and throughout the new year!
thank you
and for you also

the season starts to get busy
this morning i will be organizing fifth graders in the local school to fill fruit bags

my Lions Club gives fruit and hams to families in need and to the elderly in the four small rural communities we serve

i designed and produced the tags to go with them
and i will be telling the children the "Christmas Banana story"
how christmas was celebrated on our island nearly 100 years ago
the story was told to me more than ten years ago by a man who was then as old as you and i are now
how his family celebrated when he was a child
the skipjack captain father who returned after being gone on the boat for months bringing home bananas
the christmas present they most looked forward to
Are not you the business person!
i've been a Lion for 20 years
for at least 10 years my husband and i ran almost every program
i was president of the club for a while and he was a trustee for years
once they got to know us - and here you take it slow - they realized we had the experience the club needed

now i'm just doing a few of the things i always did
It was a past-pupil of mine who brought the Lion to Wexford. As a pupil I would not think he had anything to offer but he quickly became an millionaire! One never knows, does one? But he's still a good friend.