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Good or Bad

Are humans basically good or evil?


basically good, of course
if we weren't we would not have survived
and progressed as we have

the world is filled with small good acts every day
hold the door open - smile - let someone go first
the bad get noticed and talked about
Shakespeare knew about it
the good is oft interred with their bones
but for a brief moment each small act makes the world a good place
Both. Few people would come up with either 100% good or evil. There are a few exceptions... Hitler comes to mind, and a certain orange president and some folks in his party seem to have no redeeming qualities.
All things are basically good, because all actual things, down to existence, are good. Evil is a property that some good things, those that have free will, can acquire.
With a very few exceptions, people are born intrinsically good. Babies are not evil, but they are new and fresh and learning from the moment they draw their first breath and thus, they are influenced by everything and everyone around them. When it comes to the question of evil, I believe more in nurture versus nature.