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An Inculturated Christ-Child

Many artists have used their talents to bring to life the Nativity.

I am especially taken by Kuralek's series of 20 paintings depicting the Nativity. He was a Canadian artist (1927-1977), the son of Ukranian immigrants.

In his dreams, people respond in different ways - with love and welcome, with indifference, with rejection. The Christ who is not inculturated in a modern society through the power of the Spirit is not really the Church of Christianity. He says:  “If it happened here as it happened there… If it happened now as it happened then… Who would have seen the miracle? Who would have brought the gifts? Who would have taken them in?” Who would accept him, who reject

Stable (housing dept), donkey(travel/industr him?y), Joseph(workers), Kings(rulers), Rich men(Banks), Cradle (funishers), Europeans (Kings from East), Sheep/Cows(farming/ food industries)  . . .  etc.


Christmas blessings !!!

it is a subject artists both visual and written like to work with
here we have a story about a couple with an old car that breaks down

I've been with my brother and family to day and think I'll have to lie down for a couple of days!!
sounds like you had a very good Christmas!!

we declared today - Resting Day - bright sunshine - an easy reading book - some of my fruitcake
the "real world" could wait till tomorrow