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Jesus after Christmas

The liturgical year draws us more deeply into the mysteries of our faith. But the focus that Advent and Christmas put on the early life of Christ can sometimes leave us meditating on Jesus’ childhood for only a few weeks and then putting baby Jesus away alongside fragile ornaments and hopelessly tangled Christmas lights. We condense his infancy into 12 days, nod to his boyhood and then jump into his Jewish baptism. Occasionally, a feastday reminds us that he lived for 33 years!

Was this Mary's attitude to her son's life?
How many of us worship Jesus as Lord and Saviour in a vague, 'God is an old man with a beard' kind of way, without really knowing him? If we reduce the incarnation to “was born of the Virgin Mary and became man. He suffered under Pontius Pilate,” leaving out the 33 years between the stable and the Cross, we might never really love him.


but whatever we think about the non-public Jesus is a projection of our own ideas and desires

when i was in Grad school a friend was convinced Jesus had married because Jews were supposed to marry at a young age
that it was the early death of his wife that had been a pivotal event and epiphany in his life leading to his ministry
If the Incarnation and the Crucifixion & Death Christ are the parts of Christ's life we can really identify with and enter into in any tangible loving way, our relationship with the rest of his life are barren and merely based on gospel accounts and stories.
if a person can enter into a personal relationship with Jesus through whatever means that is wonderful for them!

Mine was always a sacramental/liturgical relationship. I was never devotional