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Tuesday is New Year's Day. Someone has said: "Once you have missed the first buttonhole, you’ll never manage to button up".
Before we make our New Year resolutions (they often can be as fragile as election promises!), let us put a little serious thought into them.

Beginnings are important.  We can all think of moments when we have been called upon to make major adjustments in our lives that amount to a new beginning. Some writers (e.g among the Jesuits) have the custom of placing all their works, even on a daily basis, under the grace and blessing of God, and  inscribing the letters AMDG at the top of the page.

Happy New Year to all my readers. Thank you for being part of my 2018!!  


a Happy New year to you!!!
Thank you for being here in 2018
May 2019 see us all in this community
be bright and fruitful

ah AMDG - i had forgotten it - one of the nuns in college wanted us to use it on our papers

i was awake in the small hours
thinking about how i wanted my life in 2019
marking time - 3 lunations before Equinox

but i realized the "wants" were goals
i could not expect to have them from the beginning
there was no magic wand
that would actualize them on January 1
they were things to work toward day by day
some days there would be accomplishments
other days there would be no progress
it was important to not give up
to keep moving forward
Happy New Year!