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I'm 86 and walk for about 2 hours every day. Age is no barrier and, unlike car drivers, you don't even require a licence. I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful area, especially during the summer months, and the best way to really see and appreciate our glorious landscapes is to walk through them. Walking is an underrated pass-time and an excellent form of excercise. It is completely free and can be enjoyed by people of any age.

I may not know many people in Wexford town and suburbs personally, but I'm sure most know me by now. I'm sure they often say to one another: 'Who's that gentleman we see walking with his cane every afternoon?' I must be an inspiration by now for others to keep walking for as long as they can.

I like to walk on my own. Walking alone means you can really be in the place where you are, in touch with it.  You can really see a flower, hear a bird, absorb a tree.  It's a way of becoming part of the landscape and not always thinking about yourself and your troubles. Time spent walking alone calms the brain, settles the mind, and even allows for a little prayerful reflection. Not everyone can walk, of course, but everyone should have the opportunuty to ramble!

My New Year resolution? To keep walking!


You are doing well. Two hours of walking a day? Alas, I can barely walk a block without causing a crash for a day or more. I've only turned 60 but my fate is to try to remain as still as possible for as long as possible. I too live in a beautiful area, but I have to view it from my window. Any excursion out of doors is an unpleasant task for me.

(Also, while I am thinking of it, I do apologize for the crudeness of my language on my own wall if you should happen to come upon it. You are always so thoughtful in your posts and I appreciate your words very much, though no doubt my occasional responses have tested you in return.)

I used to love walking. I would walk at minimum at least three hours a day. I've walked my city from one end to the next. The seawalls that have been built allow a person to walk until their legs fall off.

My reflection these days is usually done on the computer monitor. And I certainly take advantage of the opportunity to ramble.

As for your resolution, absolutely, yes. Walk as long as you can.

As for my own resolution ... I see much of Calvin in me.

calvin perfect
Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear of your present situation. Perhaps the New Year will bring you some relief.
Happy walking!