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At this time of mid-winter festivals I am reflecting on the many things that are going on in our world at present. I'm wondering about the relevance of Christmas for Christians and of Climate Change for all of us as we enter into a new year. I wonder are the efforts that we are making to have new beginnings and fresh hopes about the world we live in sufficient. Do our modern spirituality, politics, and science seriously affect these issues?

Christmas challenges us to explore and discover afresh the place of God in all things. For me it matters that God is the centre, the meaning, and the appearance of all that comes into our lives. God is all there is and God appears in all kinds of ways, especially in the Incarnation.

The past year has been very challenging. Participants struggle to make decisions to save our planet. If we cannot save life for future generations, then I am no longer sure that we can save it for heaven. But this planet, in all its aspects, beauty and variety, developing and growing as it is in a wondrous cosmos, has been described as nothing less than the Body of God. The whole of creation is Christmas from the “Big Bang" and we need a new spirituality for this.

This is increasingly becoming the challenge for Christians and for politicians and for scientists. Are we seriously facing up to the challenge? Can this be our hope?


that is some thinking!
what seeds you plant for a new theology
yes, it's time for rethinking
our ancestors in the church 2 thousand years ago thought boldly
time for that again

what a way to start the new year!
Thank You!!!
I hope to return to this topic shortly. Happy and fruitful New Year to all my readers.
Questions for good thought. If theology doesn't change, it becomes static, irrelevant, brittle and discarded. It must move with time and space to keep relevance while not turning its back on the foundations of belief. It's a tough road to walk.

- Erulisse (one L)