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Back to Lower Class Dining

So the festivities are over and we’re back to plain menus again. No more fancy recipes, TG. Back to my favourite potato boiled in its jacket, with some butter, salt and dill! I'm not gone on baked or mashed potato, but I do like chips!

Are potatoes good for me? Yes. Are they good for weight loss? No. Do they make you fat? No, but enjoy them in moderate quantities. Potatoes are recognized as one of the most filling foods available. Boiled potatoes have the highest satiety rating and are considered seven times more satiating than croissants, which have the lowest score on the satiety index.

In Ireland, the potato is still served in its jacket in the middle of the day as it traditionally was for the lower classes. Nowadays, unfortunately, one would never find a potato in its jacket on the menu in hotels or in higher or middle class places.


Yes! potatoes!
little red ones - boiled
of course, not peeled
cut open hot with butter
dill - yes!
also green onion - or even parsley
add green beans - a bit of olive oil
or peas and mushrooms
potatoes go with everything
and make you feel like you have eaten

this is not to say that i am not a pasta fan also
Having studied for over three years in Italy I have since been a lover of pasta myself! But, unfortunately, I have had to cook it myself!