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‘What kind of Christian am I?’ A sinful one, I suppose, although sinfulness is not generally considered a requirement for being a Christian (even Pope Francis admitted to being a sinner in one of the first acts of his papacy). I am a Christian in the Roman Catholic tradition. These days, identifying oneself as a Christian, never mind as a Catholic, can be difficult, even in Ireland.

Pope Francis attaches great importance to the sacrament of baptism—an initiatory rite which, for him, goes straight to the heart of the matter of being Christian. Speaking at a general audience one day he said: ‘I would like to ask each one of you here, and you can respond in your heart: how many of you remember the date of your baptism?’ He urged them to find out and to celebrate the day in future with gratitude. He could have told them that he himself had been baptised in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians and Saint Charles Borromeo in Buenos Aires on Christmas Day 1936.

Where and when was I myself baptized a Christian and a Catholic? I know that I was baptized in 1932 in St. Brigid's wooden military chapel (1930) in the Army Barracks on the Curragh of Kildare. I must admit I do not know the date but I intend to find out! The same can be said of the date when I was confirmed as a baptized Christian in Ballymore Eustace.


how nice to know your personal Christian history
it would be interesting to have parents and family celebrate the spiritual as well as physical birthdays

in the old old days infants were often baptized only a few days after birth - infant death was all too frequent

i used to have my baptismal certificate - i wondered who the people listed as godparents were - i never met them - who were they and why were they chosen?

and there is that incredible baptismal scene in the Godfather Part 1 - i always say you have to be catholic to really understand it
Yes, that scene sums up everything Baptism is all about.
"sinfulness is not generally considered a requirement for being a Christian "


"Those who are healthy do not need a physician, but the sick do. I have not come to call the righteous to repentance but sinners."
it has always been a basic ecclesiastical problem
is a church the gathering of the saved or the refuge of those in need?

it's the problem the bishops synod has been dealing with
is the eucharist a reward for the good or healing for the sinner?

what is "sin"?
who decides what is "sinful"?
God decides what is sinful.
Mary was sinless. Was she a Christian?
now that was a problem at Ephesus and Chalcedon
wasn't it?
too deep for me!
sorry i let my old teacher self come out

those Councils were answering the question Who is Mary in the Church?
The Council of Nicea was dealing with Who is Jesus?
That's where we got a trinitarian God
Jesus is God and Man - Son of God

that left Who then is Mary?
She got the title at Chalcedon of Theotokus - the God Bearer
from which we get Mother of God

and all of this in my mind because of your question
was Mary Christian?
if she wasn't why would those church councils bothered?
How about a newly baptized newborn?

You did after all speak of "generally."