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We are generally never 'too old'. Age is just a number; it can be just a state of mind. Let us dare to be different, take the risk, move beyond where I am comfortable. As many have shown and continue to show us, there is no need to stop living life to the full or to cease from fruitful work simply because we have reached some arbitrarily set age for what broader society calls ‘retirement’.

Older people have a store of wisdom and experience that cannot be accessed by those of fewer years. Older people have the capacity to offer time and presence to tasks that do not require a nine-to-five regular daily commitment. We can open a blog, open an account with Facebook or Twitter, write letters to editors and politicians. We can write to those in detention or prison. We can call radio talkback programs. We can make our collective voices heard in the cause of those less able to have their voices heard. We can take minutes, account for donations, keep records, scan the media, manage archival material, summarize government papers and academic articles… All of these talents are invaluable when put at the disposal of charitable organisations.

Maybe such organisations can call on us oldsters for help, or suggest ways we can be of service to the community.


i have two numbers
my mind is still young and active
my body is closer to that real time number - still in good health thankfully - but slower and with less all day energy
Praise the Lord for that.
Good idea actually. I think so many of us in the upper years still have SO much to offer.