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Pope's Visit to Germany

Today the Pope starts a 4-day visit to his native Germany. He tells the German people he is especially excited to visit Germany and speak to the German parliament.  "All of this is not religious tourism, even less a show. It is about bringing God back into our field of view."

About 30% of Germany's 82 million inhabitants are Catholic -- an equal number are Lutheran -- but the Catholic Church has been losing members in recent years.

Church organizers say the Pope is aware of the planned protests but is choosing instead to focus on the 260,000 people who are expected to attend masses in Berlin's Olympic stadium and at an airfield in Freiburg, as well as a historic ecumenical service to be held with German Lutherans in the home of the Reformation.

The Vatican's views on contraception, the role of women, homosexuality and its handling of the sexual abuse scandal that rocked Germany last year are seen by many Germans as outdated and out of touch.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkfRyZPwny4