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In Ireland at the moment we are in the process of electing a new Uachtarán (Constitutional President). I ask myself what kind of Uachtarán we need at this time? I like what I read in the present Newsletter of the Conference of the Religious of Ireland (CORI) which quotes Dr. Bobby Moore: 

 One way of thinking about leadership, is as influence. But to have influence one must have a dream, a vision. From the dream comes
the energy, the drive, and it always begins with the self. For example, if one’s dream is that others might be more hopeful or have a greater belief in who they are, then the need is to become a more hope-filled or believing person oneself.
Articulating the dream is done through a process of personal reflection (‘Think it’), writing it down (‘Ink it’) and sharing with others i.e. begin to talk about it (‘Link it’). Before moving to the collective each individual needs to work on this “awakening of soul”. Only then can one move towards the process of bringing others on board. In bringing others on board, an underlying principle to remember is that while one “might like this for people”, we are not accountable for them. It is up to them to make it their own or not. A leader’s role is to provide opportunities for whatever it is one would like to happen - but one cannot make it happen. People can choose. The leader can only draw attention to the choice. Remembering this principle in difficult times can be a comfort!

What leadership qualities and vision have our 7 prospective Uachtaráin shown up to now?