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Pallas Green, Co. Limerick

I am jaded! Yesterday I attended a meeting in Limerick. One of the villages I passed through was Pallas Green. It registered with me because my older brother, George, married a girl (Patricia O'Dwyer) from Pallas Green when they both worked in London during the 1950s. George died two years later but Patricia still lives in Middlesborough, God bless her. Her daughter, Rose, also lives in that area as does her own children, Colin and Cheryl, and their families.
I didn't have any time to have a good look at the place - maybe at another time. It was the territory of the O'Dwyer Clann until the 1650s when they were dispersed by the Cromwellians. There is a lovely air and  ballad called 'Seán O Duibhir an Ghleanna'  inspired by  the Seán O Duibhir (John O'Dwyer) who carried on a fierce resistance against the Cromwellians until his beloved forest was put to the torch by the invaders. Here is the first of many verses (with translation):

Ar m'éirighe dhom ar maidin,                 Oft at pleasant morning,
Grian a' tsamhraidh 'g taitneamh          Sunshine all adorning,
Chuala 'n uaill dá casadh,                      I've heard the horn give warning,
'Gus ceol binn na n-éan;                         With birds' mellow call:
Bruic is míolta gearra,                             Badgers flee before us,
Creabhair na ngob fada                          Woodcocks startle o'er us,
Fuaim ag a' macalla                               Guns make ringing chorus
'Gus lamhach gunnaí tréan                   Mid the echoes all;
An sionnach rua ar a' gcarraig              The fox run high and higher
Míle liú ag marcaigh                                Horsemen shouting nigher,
Is bean go dúch sa' mbealach             The maiden mourning by her
Ag áireamh a cuid gé.                             Fowl he left in gore.
Anois tá 'n choill dá gearra                    Now, they fell the wild-wood,
Triallfaimíd thar caladh                          Farewell, home of childhood,
'S a Sheáin Ó Dhuibhir a' Ghleanna   Ah, Seán Ó Duibhir a' Ghleanna,
Chaill tú do chéim!                                 Thy day is o'er!



Hi Micheal

Its a pitty you didnt see Sean O'Dwyer & Kitty, they would have loved it. They live five mins from the cross.

Hope you are well

Love Pat

Pallas Green

Sorry I missed out on visiting Seán and Kitty in Pallas Green, Pat. I shall certainly try to remember them if I am in the area again.
Hope you are keeping well and ready to enjoy the Christmas and the New Year. Peter and Marie a fine TG and up to their eyes in Puddings, Mince Pies and Cakes! Regards to Seán and the family.
God bless. Micheal