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Fr. John O'Brien, Artist and Musician

One of President  Mary McAleese's last functions as President of Ireland will be the closure of The Wexford Annual Opera Festival tomorrow evening. As he is not getting any younger and has not been too well recently perhaps it will also bring a fitting close to Fr. John O'Brien's artistic contributions to the event. I understand that no other painter has shown in Wexford with the regularity and consistent quality of Fr. John O'Brien whose annual exhibitions in the Talbot Hotel have been as much a feature of the famous Opera Festival as fireworks or tuxedos for over 25 years. Fr. John is primarily a landscape artist  (local Wexford scenes and views from his frequent visits to Achill) but also offers small examples of still-life.
Before he retired Fr. O'Brien spent many years as a teacher and musical director in St. Peter's College, Wexford. During that time he was also founder and conductor of the Gateway Orchestra in the town. Fr. O'Brien is here seen with some other exhibitors at the Talbot Hotel.
photo: courtesy Wexford People