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Villa Spada, Roma

Of 193 states worldwide only 14 do not yet have a diplomatic relationship with the Vatican (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Brunei, the People's Republic of China, Comoros, North Korea, Laos, Maldives, Mauritania, Myanmar, Oman, Somalia, Tuvalu, and Vietnam) and some of those 14 are in talks about securing ties.

What then happens to the Irish Embassy, the Villa Spada, which was purchased by the Irish government in 1946? Built in 1630s for the Nobili family, in 1849, during the war between the French and Italian Republicans, it became the last HQ for Garibaldi. It stands on the Gianicolo Hill, near the church of San Pietro in Montorio, where the Ulster Earls, the O’Neills and the O’Donnells, who fled to Rome in 1608, are buried.

I suppose it will fetch a few euros for our impoverished Government!