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Our New Papal Nuncio

Archbishop Charles Brown (52) was ordained as new papal nuncio to Ireland on the 6th JanuaryHe says that he does not see his role as leading a reform of the Irish Catholic Church and admits he knows little about Ireland and has “a lot to learn”. His only experience of the country came via two short holidays in the early1980s. He takes up the role of ambassador at a moment of unprecedented tensions between the Vatican and Ireland. The papal ambassador to Ireland has usually been an Italian career diplomat. Charles Brown, however, is very different. This time, Rome has sent us a savvy, active, relatively young American from the Curia, someone who still travels around Rome every day on a scooter!  He is all too aware of the critical view of the Catholic Church held by many in Ireland at this time. But he is also aware that “it is the bishops of Ireland who are in control of the Church in Ireland.” “I go to Ireland" he says "with courage and trust in God." Let's hope he will be made welcome as were all his predecessors in the role.