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The traditional period in the northern hemisphere for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is 18-25 January. This year the theme for the Week is We will all be CHANGED/Tiochfaidh CLAOCHLÓ orainn go léir.

Change is at the heart of our Christian faith. Change is at the heart of human life. Change is at the heart of the ecumenical movement.

I have been reflecting on a talk given by Br. Philip Pinto cfc called Out of Darkness Colour Breaks which I strongly recommend. In it Philip stresses the importance of us being prepared to change:

"And I worship an idol every time I refuse to allow change into my life. If my daily schedule is the same now as it was five years ago, I am probably stuck in my relationship with God as well. If the sort of spiritual books I now read have not changed in the last five years, I should be getting worried about my image of God. If as a Congregation, we continue to elect the same people to leadership roles, then our image of God is stagnant. A member of my Team asks the question: “When was the last time that I did something for the first time?” I remember asking a brother once what he thought about some controversial issue and he replied: “I don’t think. I let the Pope do my thinking for me”! I was so sad when I heard that, because it has nothing to do with loyalty but everything to do with an abdication of responsibility".