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The stunning Monasterboise Cross

This afternoon I have been reading up again on the wonderful 16 ft high Muirdach's Cross at Monasterboise, Co. Louth, Ireland, which was carved about 900 AD.
On the eastern face, from the bottom up, the carvings appear to represent: the Fall of Adam and Eve and the murder of Abel; David and Goliath; Moses bringing water from the rock to the Israelites; the Three Magi bearing gifts to Mary and Jesus.
The western face the carvings depict, from the bottom up: the arrest or mocking of Christ (who wears a robe and carries a sceptre); doubting Thomas with another figure (perhaps St. John the Evangelist, who recorded the story); Christ giving the keys of heaven to St. Peter and a book to St. Paul; and Moses praying with Aaron and Hur.
These carvings would have represented the Bible for a then illiterate people.
On the same ancient monastic grounds are other amazing "Celtic" Crosses and the remains of a Round Tower.
I recommend you take a look again at these wonderful stone treasures: http://www.bluffton.edu/~sullivanm/muiredach/muiredach.html


I visit Monasterboise about once a year. Love those crosses in the shadow of the Round Tower.
Is iontach iad ceart go leor.