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St. Brigid's Feastday.

Tomorrow, 1st February, is the memorial of the well-known Irish saint, St. Brigid (Bríd/Bride). She was born about 450 AD to a pagan father (Dubthach) and Christian slave mother (Broicsech) just after the time of St. Patrick. She became especially known for her saintliness when she established a nunnery in Kildare. She died about 525 AD. Since then Many churches and schools have been named after her throughout Ireland and overseas.
Directly opposite my window is one of the famous 'Twin Churches' of Wexford Parish. It is the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady locally is called Bride Street Church because it was erected (1850's) on the site of an earlier church dedicated to St. Brigid.  

News just in:
A holy shrine which normally contains a relic of St Brigid has been stolen from a church as worshippers prepare for the patron saint's feast day!!