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Brú na Bóinne

As we approach Ireland's National Day (17th March) our thoughts turn (even in these times of recession!) to what our little country has to offer the world. We have a wonderful ancient culture as is seen in a curve of the River Boyne in Co. Meath, (Brú na Bóinne). In this small area we have three ancient structures that have been there for 5,000 years. Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are similar mounds in this area that have been designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
Newgrange, for example, is an ancient temple, a place of astrological, spiritual, religious and ceremonial importance, of prestige and worship, where dignitaries may be laid to rest. It is a large kidney-shaped mound covering an area of over one acre, retained at the base by stones which show megalithic art. Inside is a chamber with a corbelled roof. The structure is best known for the illumination of its passage and chamber by the winter solstice sun through a roof-box above the entrance. The system's accuracy as a time-telling device is remarkable when one considers that it was built 500 years before the Great Pyramids and more than 1,000 years before Stonehenge!



Cool! I saw a documentary about that mound once, and something about the way sound travels somewhere in it...I can't remember now!