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Tragic Death of Chris McManus

 The Edmund Rice community worldwide is very saddened to learn this morning of the tragic death of Chris McManus, a young man from Manchester, UK, who was killed in the failed SAS rescue attempt in Nigeria yesterday. Chris was abducted some time ago in Abuja, Nigeria. He was a member of the Auckland Edmund Rice Community in 2003 and taught at St. Peter’s College, Auckland, during a gap year from his studies in the UK.  Chris kept in contact with Br. Paul Robertson over the years via facebook and email, but did not answer Christmas mail and his account on FB was removed - he had been held hostage by terrorists since May 2011.

In the photo, taken at the Murupara (NZ) shopping centre, Chris is on the left. He and the other 3 young people in the photo were four out of the seven who were living in the community. He said he was really enjoying working in Nigeria.

May he rest in peace.


I have so much respect for people who try to help in these places, this is sad news indeed. He was a brave man.

Edited at 2012-03-09 12:40 (UTC)
Thank you. Indeed he was.
My heart...it aches.
It's awful enough as it is, but the Italian government is also hopping mad (I'm Anglo Italian as you may recall). A young Italian guy, Franco Lamolinara, was also killed and Cameron hadn't even bothered informing the Italian government of his intentions with this harebrained rescue scheme.