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Back to square 1

Eight years ago one of my nephews had a tumour removed from the brain. He made a wonderful recovery and was able to live on his own, cook for himself, etc. Yesterday, however, we learned that the tumour has begun to grow again and at a deeper level. All of us, and of course especially himself and his parents, are deeply upset by this turn of events. He knows that he will be lovingly cared for by all. We wish him well. Here he is seen with his son and daughter.


My best wishes.
Thank you for your caring post.
I'll be sending good thoughts and hopes his way.
Thank you for your caring post.
I am so sorry. Hope there is something new they can try.
Thank you. Yes, I understand that a new type of pill has come on the market.
Sigh :o(

Prayers, light and good thoughts available if required?
Thank you for your caring response. It brings home to one how quickly our circumstances can change for the worse.