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St. Patrick

St. Patrick is the National Patron of Ireland. As a teenager he was influenced by Coptic Christian monks in Lerins in France. He brought this model of Church - with its penances, monasteries and pilgrimages - to Ireland in the 5th century.
In this prayer he asks for God’s help in various ways:

May the Strength of God pilot us.
May the Power of God preserve us.
May the Wisdom of God instruct us.
May the Hand of God protect us.
May the Way of God direct us.
May the Shield of God defend us.
May the Host of God guard us.
Against the snares of the evil ones.
Against temptations of the world

May Christ be with us!
May Christ be before us!
May Christ be in us,
Christ be over all!
May Thy Salvation, Lord,
Always be ours,
This day, O Lord, and evermore. Amen.

Lá Fhéile faoi mhaise díobh go léir.