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Poor Clare Colettines, Cork

This month the Order of nuns called Poor Clares is celebrating its foundation by St. Clare 800 years ago in Italy (1212).
The Order was renewed later by St. Colette under the title Poor Clare Colettines. There has been a community of Poor Clare Colettines in Cork City for almost 100 years (1914). There are now only 8 Sisters in the Cork foundation. They are a very popular powerhouse of prayer and survive on what they receive from benefactors.
I have a particular interest in the monastery in College Road, Cork, because my aunt was Mother Abbess of that Community during the 1940s and until she established a daughter house in Blantyre, Scotland, where she died in 1952. See: http://poor-clares.com/bothwell
The Sisters live a hidden, secluded life of prayer, penance, and perpetual adoration behind closed doors, and have followed a deeply religious way of life which has remained largely unchanged since the 13th century.
We wish them well in their celebrations. For the occasion they have even established a webpage -  http://www.poorclarescork.ie/ - and threaten to have an e-mail address one of these days. God knows where this will all end!!


Well, since I have a lively ongoing email conversation with Suor Deodata of the Franciscans in Foligno, Italy (whom I have also met in real life as they say- Umbria is where the Italian bit of my family originates) why not? :o)