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Ochón, ochón

I'm afraid my poor ol' laptop has had its day! It's time to update.


Oh, dear. Poor laptop.

And by the way, I now have the song "'Twas pretty to be in Ballinderry" running through my head because the chorus is, "Ochone, ochone." :)
Fancy that! Keep singing!

Edited at 2012-03-28 14:25 (UTC)
Cé'n fáth nár lean tú leis an mBlog eile (Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd)? Ní thuigim an Bhreatnais (Cymraeg) ach léann mé do twitter le cabhair

Edited at 2012-03-28 19:58 (UTC)
Unfortunately, doing the children's literature course has meant that the Welsh has to take a back seat for a little while. My brain can only cope with so much at a time and, as I'm only a learner, I find writing Welsh hard.

Once the course finishes at the end of May, I need to get serious about Welsh again.
(I hope that makes sense in response to what you wrote!)