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Divorce/Separation in Ireland

A Census, published today, shows that there has been a 150% increase in the number of divorced people in the last nine years. In 2002, there were 35,059 people classified as divorced. The 2011 Census shows that there are now 87,770 divorced people.
Combining separation, divorce and remarriage following divorce, the overall number of Irish people who have experienced a broken marriage has jumped from 155,239 in 2002, to 247,000 last year, an increase of just under 60 percent in that time period.
Commenting on the figures Professor Patricia Casey said: “Marital breakdown in Ireland is still quite low by international standards, but the very significant increase in the number of Irish people who have experienced the tragedy of marital breakdown is still very worrying and must be addressed”.
By international standards, Ireland has a high percentage of children being raised by lone parents.