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Three Apples Changed the World!

I'm a staunch PC man myself but I'm smitten by the bitten Apple.  
They say that ‎3 Apples changed the world. The 1st one seduced Eve, the 2nd fell on Newton, and the 3rd is the logo of Apple computers.
The "Forbidden Fruit" was considered to be an apple because of a misunderstanding of the Latin "malum", where malum as an adjective means evil, but as a noun means apple.
Newton is considered by many to be the greatest and most influential scientist who ever lived. When an apple fell on his head he suddenly discovered the Universal Law of Gravitation. He also set out the properties of light.
Nobody seems to know where the Apple logo came from. Originally it was rainbow-coloured and some believe that the logo was used to advertise the colour capability of the Apple II computer. Others consider it to be a homage to Alan Turning, the father of modern computing, who committed suicide using a cyanide-laced apple. The bite in the apple, they say, is a pun on the computer word 'byte'.
The "i" in iMac indicated a fast way to reach the Internet. Now we have iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. all from Apple Inc.


What about the Beatles' Apple records? Perhaps not world-changing, but they used the apple before the computer company did.
Yeah, well, they don't beat kindergarten which is the inspiration behind "Apple". A is for Apple, can't get more basic than that; the platform of user friendly, plus since they laughed their heads off and said "You'll NEVER sell a computer with a name like that..." it was seen as a challenge and the rest is history.

I play on PC & Apple, but Apples and Macs have always been my homeboys.
interesting. I'm clearly not a Beatles fan!
Very cool.