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The Punchestown Irish National Hunt Festival

The 2012 Festival (Tuesday 24th to Saturday 28th April) began yesterday. This is the highlight of the Irish sporting and social calendar. It is considered the grande finale of the jump season with top class horses, trainers and jockeys. Reputations are at stake and quality of racing unrivalled.
Today is
Gold Cup Day the highlight of the chase calendar  - 3 miles 1 furlong. With the terrible weather we are having in Ireland today it is somewhat of an understatement to say that things are a bit soggy and the going soft to heavy! With the rain falling out of the sky faster than sales of ‘Barcelona, European Champions 2012’ shirts after yesterday, we expect things to get even worse before the Gold Cup race goes off at 5.30pm. 32 horses have been entered but with the wind and rain how many will run is anyone’s guess.

NOTE: Punchestown Gold Cup postponed due to poor weather and will now be run on Saturday with the event due off at 4.25pm.


If it's any consolation it's been raining pretty much non stop here in Kent in the supposedly warm, dry and mild south east of England for the past five days.

Just as soon as the water companies start harping on about the need to impose drought restrictions due to lack of rain, naturally! :o)
Yes, I remember the great hu-ha there was about threatened drought in the sunny south-east!