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Olympic Poem 2012

Today Olympiad 2012 ends in London. A poetry competition to compile a poem called Breathe was won by a group of 12. In homage to our Irish competitors I add it here:

From starting gun to finish line,
electric nerves before you dive,
you are the minute hand on the clock,
you are the doubt,
the second thoughts -Cian O'Connor

You are the perfect parabola
of each envisioned leap,
the interlinking rings,
the ligaments, elastic lungs
Believe -Michael-Conlan_1088967t

believe in the red-haired girl
with gold on her mind
one kiss chase and kicking leaves,
now a flame breathing to ignite another

full of chance as the National Lottery,john Joe Nevin
become the ones who reaches
deep inside for sky,
fights gravity like paper planes
and breathes.

Katie Taylor, Cian O'Connor, John Joe Nevin,
Michael Conlon, Paddy Barnes

(The National Lottery sponsored the writing.)Paddy Barnes