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Queen of Paraguay

Eliza Lynch Wherever they go the Irish, like cream, always seem to rise to the top! I was reading the other day about Eliza Lynch (1835-1886) from Charleville, Co. Cork, who became a call girl in Paris, married into the Nap220px-ElizaLynch_tomboleon family, met and set up house with Francisco Solano López (1826-1870) son of the President of Paraguay and gave him five children. She was known as the Queen of Paraguay, played an active part in the wars against Brazil, and when López was killed in battle she buried him with her own hands and returned to Paris where she died. The Paraguayans later brought her body back to Paraguay and buried her in a magnificent memorial of glass.



Wow. What a fascinating woman! Thank you for your post.
Somehow I miss how "being a call girl in Paris" equates "rising to the top," but perhaps I should read further. :-)

As for Irish Cream, Bailey's is a gift to the human race.