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Richard Devereux

This evening - no rain! - I strolled along the quay here in Wexford. Along the long quay are many bollards for tying up ships. Each bollard has the name of a ship with Wexford connections inscribed at its base.
Richard Devereux was a wealthy Wexford merchant in the 1840/1850s. He was also an extremely religious and generous benefactor - it was he who donated this house in which I live to the Christian Brothers. His ships travelled the seas east and west. The following are ships of his remembered on the bollards on the quay: Expert (reg. 1850), Falcon (1849), Helen (1848), Henery (1837), Kate (1853), Mary Blair (1854), Pilot (1854), Shamrock (1849), Slaney (1837), Varna (1854), Vision (1849).

bollardsslaney 1slaney