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Halcyon Days

John_CarrollSome time ago a confrere of mine, Johnny Carroll (Seán Ó Cearúil) died aged 89. He had been a wonderfully active, jovial character, poet, mimic, and lover of the Gaelic language. Unfortunately, in his latter years he suffered from Alzheimer's disease and was lovingly cared for in our private nursing home near Dublin.

His niece, Deirdre Kinahan, visited him regularly. Deirdre is an internationally acclaimed playwright whose works, 'Moment' is currently running in Chicago, and 'Hue and Cry' in New York.

Deirdre has now written a new play, 'Halcyon Days', based on her understanding of Johnny's life while in the nursing home. Johnny (Stephen Brennan) sits alone in the nursing home conservatory, abandoned to his memories, when in storms Patricia (Anita Reeves), a feisty woman with a zest for life and for handsome men in wheelchairs. A wary intimacy soon develops between the two, an unforeseen relationship by turns charming and combative, tender and funny.

Her play will be premiered at the Dublin Theatre Festival in October.