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Welcome to Ireland

Tomorrow Notre Dame and Naval Academy face one another in the 50,000 seat Aviva Stadium (it used be called Landsdowne Road) in Dublin. These two great rivals last played in Ireland in 1996.

The US Navy was founded by a Wexford man, John Barry. So there should be good support for Navy! However, Notre Dame is a strongly Catholic institution and its football teams are known as the Fighting Irish. So whom does an Irishman support tomorrow?


Notre Dame.
Good. I'll put my money on them!
Navy, because I was..
If you did put money on this game, I hope you really did put it on Notre Dame. Just saw the scores in the news. (By the way, we call it a football field, rather than a "pitch.")
Did you attend? Watch the game on television, if it was televised, or listen on the radio if it was broadcast on radio?
And if so, did you enjoy it?

Won my money!
Saw some of it on TV.
I'm glad I was not on the 'field'!
Looks a very tough game.
I've heard rugby is rougher, but ah, there's nothing like a crisp autumn afternoon football game between one's own school or alma mater, and its arch rival. The bands, the mascots, and the tension and then "Hut-HUT!" from the field as a play is called and then the ball is snapped into action, and the crack of colliding opponents! It's electric, you can feel it in the air, and it's exhilarating!

I will say I've attended games (my dad's alma mater) when visiting Navy lost, and they lose with real class: at the final two-minute warning, the Midshipmen in the stands rise as one, and stand at attention, caps over their hearts, until the game is officially over.

As an aside: At least two large American universities use the word "Field" in the titles of their respective [football] fight songs.
As another aside, the University of Notre Dame du Lac, whose team played Navy in Dublin today, isn't one of those, but Notre Dame's fight song is probably THE best-known and most played collegiate fight song in this country (several films have used it for background music and effect; a number of high schools have borrowed the tune but not the lyrics---for obvious reasons.) It's common to play at least part of one's school's fight song (if the bands were present) when the team scores a touchdown, so it's possible you heard at least some of it.

I can see a real football fan here!!
Very poor odds I'm afraid!!
Oh---I do apologize for having rattled on! Sometimes I'll become nostalgic for those days when my father was still living, and we'd travel several hours by car to see his alma mater play its homecoming game against its arch rival.
It may be I'm not a "real" football fan, since I don't enjoy professional football all that much.
Again, my apologies not to have been more succinct. I do beg your pardon.
P.S. Very glad you won your money! What odds were given?