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Arthur's Day

Arthur's DayThere was a time when it was the Church or the State that presented saints and heroes to us for our edification and celebration by liturgies and parades. Now, it appears, it is Big Business and the music and film industries that do so.

Arthur's Day celebrations get under way today in Dublin. Arthur's Day taking place on September 27 celebrates the life and legacy of Arthur Guinness, the man behind the iconic pint. Arthur's Day sees fans come together to experience live music events in over 500 pub venues across Ireland. It promises to be an extraordinary night of live music featuring hundreds of home grown Irish acts, rising stars and internationally renowned artists, and, of course, lots of the black stuff!


It'd be a fairly pointless celebration for a teetotaller like meself! :o)

Edited at 2012-09-27 20:02 (UTC)
Unfortunately there are only too many devotees in this country.