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Year of Faith

Vat IIDuring October two important events take place in the Catholic Church.
1. The launch of "The Year of Faith" in which the Church will try to reinvigorate  faith among its members who have been badly hurt and disillusioned by recent scandals.

2. The 50th Anniversary of the Documents of Vatican II.  The Church has yet to fully capture the reforming spirit set out in Vatican II a half-century ago. Vatican II was the most significant moment in the history of the Church for centuries. For its time, it was radical and revolutionary and still is today. Proof of that is the very fact that we are still only coming to terms with the full implications of what the Council asks of us as Church today and to be honest we are struggling to deliver the model of Church suggested by the Council.


I'm an abuse survivor myself and I know from experience that there is no road forward until victims begin to hear that one little word: 'sorry' and at present, it's still being drowned out in the rhetoric and victim blaming. :o(
At this stage I, personally, want to look to the future and endeavour to deepen my own faith. In that way I shall be of greatest help to all who have been in any way hurt by the Church.