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The Holy Spirit has a daunting job ahead!

Holy SpiritThere is a gathering (Synod) of Catholic Bishops going on in Rome at the moment discussing the theme New Evangelisation for Spreading the Christian Faith. There are 103 from Europe, 63 from the Americas, 50 from Africa, 39 from Asia, and 7 from Oceania. Other 'fraternal delegates' represent 15 Christian churches not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, including Archbishop Rowan Williams, and 'special guests' such as Brother Alois, Prior of Taizé, and Nobel Prize winner for medicine, Werner Arber (a Swiss Protestant), who is president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 

Different areas of the world seem to have their own priorities:

Asia want emphasis on humility, simplicity, and silence.
Africa want emphasis on ministering to people scarred by poverty and violence.
Latin America want emphasis on what is already working - popular piety and 'base' communities.
Europe and the States want emphasis on sound doctrine and sacramental practice as antidote to secular culture. 


Very very interesting breakdown by continents. I'd prefer to be in Asia or Africa in terms of focus.
I think I would agree with you.
I will say that at continuing to be involved (in a minor way) in church things here in the United States has been and continues to be an interesting (<--wrong word because it suggests a kind of emotional disengagement that I don't feel) exploration of humility and submission--not two concepts I have much experience with otherwise!
I agree. I saw the Asian focus and thought, "Aha! Yes. That's why I turned to Buddhism and the Quakers." The African emphasis is also why I donate to the Salvation Army, even though I probably don't agree with their particular beliefs, but they do a lot of good practical work with the poor and homeless.
Yes, me too on both those! And yet seeing the emphasis in Asia and Africa reminds me that there are parts of the world in which the focus of Catholicism is more amenable and where I'd feel less alienated--and that the religion can legitimately encompass those elements.
Thank you all for your contributions. How such a large group of Biships, etc. can cater for such diverse needs and approaches is hard to see. Let's hope something fruitfully spiritual for all can be delivered.