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Do I know how to love?

The Ukrainian Greek Church is the biggest of the 22 Eastern churches in communion with Rome.

I've been reading recently about its small (1,500) private University in Lviv. It is said to be the only independent university in Ukraine that relies exclusively on private funding from local and international sources. It receives no government funding. Its aim is to "rethink" what a Catholic university can be in the 21st century.

It is in the process of a structural development and I was amazed and happy to learn that this will include a residence for mentally disabled persons who will be full-time members of the university community.

The UCU rector says: "They are not a “project” of the university, recipients of a social handout — they are members of our community. Since one of the gifts of people with special needs is that they don’t have masks and facades, they ask one basic question in every relationship and every encounter: Can you relate to me, can you love me? That’s the most important question a student can be asked. Do you know how to relate to another person? Do you know how to love another person?

"We are inviting the disabled not as those who need a social handout but as professors of human relations. Apparently, our university will be setting a precedent with this innovative pedagogy that is meant to challenge the growing alienation in post-Soviet Ukraine and in a world increasingly shaped by virtual relationships,”