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New Coptic Pope

new popeCongratulations to the Coptic Orthodox Church which has this morning chosen a new pope, Bishop Tawadros (b. 1952), to lead the Middle East's biggest Christian community. The 60-year-old bishop's name was picked by a blindfolded child from a glass bowl in which the names of two other candidates had also been placed, at St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo. We Irish Christians owe much to the early Coptic practice of the Gospel

The new pope can expect to face lots of major challenges from day one - among them: relations with the State, relations with other Churches, and relations with Muslims.


Don't know a thing about him, but I do like the mode of final selection. And he has friendly wrinkles, and looks to have a few years left in his ledger.
I wouldn't want his job!
Yes, he has some work ahead.
Indeed. Congratulations and good luck!