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Congratulations America on finding yourselves a President.


And on his being the right one for the job!

One heck of a relief. :o)
It is a relief, isn't it.
thanks! we knew we had one around here somewhere....
And not too many these days. It's a pity our Syrian friends and others can't find one.
We very nearly misplaced him yesterday...
I doubt it.
We would still have known where he was,
but he received only 50% of the popular vote.
Half of the people who voted yesterday
voted for someone else,
and most of that other half
will be very "tooth and nail" about it.
And wouldn't you know it...he was right where we left him. I mean, if we'd thought to look there first, we could have saved all that campaign money...
The thing we're looking for is always right under our feet but we can't seew it.
It's a HUGE relief!
Let's hope all works out in the next 4 years.
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Victory anyway.