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Are Schools Relevant at all?

untitledFollowing a number of local teenage suicides recently I've been asking myself if schools are relevant at all today.  Why do we have schools in the first place? What are they supposed to be producing? Is it the attitudes of parents - rather than any effort by schools - that decide how a youngster will turn out in life? How do we evaluate a school's worth? What is the purpose of schooling and teaching? If we don’t know what the mission and goals of a school are, we don’t even know when the target is missed. 

Is the purpose of schools to produce workers, to create good citizens, or to produce well-rounded human beings? These three goals will require three very different approaches. What do parents expect from schools?  For parents, I suggest, in addition to cognitive learning of basic skills and even critical thinking skills, the emotional, social and spiritual well-being of the child is paramount. Helping children develop in these areas is a key expectation and goal for most people. Do our schools fulfill these expectations?

Questions, questions, questions.




The place I was bullied to the point of insanity.

The place I was abused by a teacher.

That place I ran from, unqualified at 15.

However, I taught the most needy myself-

Seriously disabled kids

Terminally ill kids

Abused kids

I like to think I made at least a little difference :o)

Edited at 2012-11-10 10:48 (UTC)
Thank you and congratulations on overcoming the difficulties encountered.
My own education was very circumscribed because of the environment in which it took place.