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New school for Wahrinong


Wahrinong is a small village in the West Khasi Hills in the far NE of India. It has a population of about 254 persons. 
My friend, Kevin Ward from Ireland is a Christian Brother who has worked in schools in India most his life. He tells me about a new education mission the Brothers have established in this village which is isolated from the rest of India and, indeed, from the world. 15 kms from the nearest highway, a stony, bald, muddy and sometimes slushy road leads to the village which has been neglected by the State - water pipes laid down 10 years ago have yet to be connected to the mains!

But what is lacking in human concern and presence is made up by nature’s blessings. The area, I'm told, has breath-taking landscapes of rolling hills in different shades of fresh green, and the villagers, known as "Marangs" - India's lowest caste - are delighted to have 3 Brothers come to live among them. There is a Presbyterian Mission already in the village but it does not see the arrival of the Brothers as a threat. One of the 2 Indian Brothers with Kevin, speaks a little of the local dialect.

We wish the Brothers and their new project every success.


We wish the Brothers and their new project every success.

Hear Hear!
Thank you.
The caste system has so much to answer for!

This sounds like a really worthwhile project. :o)

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Yes, I really think so. I wish them well. But there are probably so many more such villages.