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Christmas is coming? - No, it's already here!

early christmas 2I've just been to Tesco's for shaving cream. My goodness. Christmas is still 7 weeks away and Tesco's are already full of Christmas cheer. And it's the same with all the other shops on Main Street. Everywhere you look there are unmistakable signs of forced merriment, not to mention aggressive merchandising - displays of festive cards, stocking fillers, boxed Christmas trees, plum-puddings, toys, chocolates, the lot. My sister-in-law of course has finished cooking her own puddings and cakes at home but that is understandable, some things take time to mature.

I like Christmas - but starting in October and early November, that's crazy.


It is terrible. What's worse is, here, they started in July. Madness!! Or desperation.
I pity the small children who have to 'look forward' for so long
When we were very small, my mother would take us shopping and have us help her pick out toys, which would go in the trunk ... then she'd swing by the grocery on the way home, and have us help her bring in the food. The toys would stay in the car until late at night (after 8 pm), when she would smuggle them in and wrap them.

Santa was very clever!
Some places had stuff in at the end of August!

I'll admit to having done my puds and cake back in the summer but as you say, they take time to mature. Still got to ice the cake and that'll get done a week or so before.

When I lived in Brugge in Belgium back in the seventies, there was a byelaw preventing any Christmas decoration, display or advertising until 1 December, which I thoroughly approved of.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if all places could have similar bye-laws?
We've had it in some of the shops here since September. I share your pain!
I think it is the Super Stores that have brought in these early fashions.
Over here, at least we have Thanksgiving. That delays/distracts them just a little.
Maybe because we are so 'religious' over here that we need more and more time to celebrate such an important feast!!!
I hate it being so early, although I am planning to make puddings and cake during the next couple of weeks.

I've only just started to think about buying presents.
I hope the pudding and cake turn out well. Any chance of a slice?
That would be great wouldn't it? Cyber cake!
I can tolerate it now in mid-November but not earlier. It seems they should leave it for Dec. 1 but in these times it's all about merchandising and sales.
By this time of year, with the days shortening and darker mornings, I don't mind the Christmas stuff so much. I think partly it's a storage issue. The shops would rather have the stuff on display than having to pay for warehousing space.

It's useful to have some things early because one might be sending things to friends and relatives overseas. It also occurs to me that people with a limited budget might start buying the non-perishable items a little at a time, to spread the cost.
I pity the small shops. The big businesses have the festival all sewn up so early.

Here in Central Scotland, the stuff has been out since the schools went back.